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The 411 on Forming a Lakewood Ranch Club

Lakewood Ranch residents are active with many talents, interests, and hobbies. There are more than 60 active clubs within Lakewood Ranch that reflect the diversity of interests and causes through which to socialize and gather. We’re here to fill you in with the how’s and why’s of forming a club.


Becoming official

How to become a club is pretty simple! A group of four or more is a great starting point. A common question we receive is whether all residents need to live in Lakewood Ranch to be considered, and the short answer is – no, not all residents have to live in Lakewood Ranch.

However, the club does need to meet in Lakewood Ranch. And if you’re planning on holding a club meeting or activity at Lakewood Ranch Town Hall, at least 70% of the club does need to live in one of the neighborhoods served by Town Hall - Summerfield, Greenbrook, Country Club West, Edgewater, and Riverwalk.

Lakewood Ranch Town Hall provides a fantastic gathering area for clubs with different sized salons to meet club needs.  Whether you choose Town Hall or the vast amount of other of great meeting spots in Lakewood Ranch – you’re ready to get started.

We also have a running list online of proposed clubs looking for members. If you don’t see one that sparks your interest, reach out to us! We’re always looking to grow the list and add clubs to the roster!


Boundless benefits

So, why form an official Lakewood Ranch club? As a 501(c) not-for-profit, we’re dedicated to enriching Lakewood Ranch by fostering a sense of community and friendships through social clubs and memorable events.

That means we work closely with residents to keep clubs current and promote them through our various media outlets, whether it’s to be featured in our weekly email going out to thousands of subscribers, the Around the Ranch newspaper, or on our social media.

We hope that you’ll find a club that brings you enjoyment and many lasting friendships or build one to create those memories. Click the button below to propose your club.


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