Parade Beneficiary Spotlight – Manasota Operation Troop Support

Today we highlight MOTS, the Manasota Operation Troop Support. They are a non profit organization serving military Troops deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait with ties to Manatee and Sarasota County and their families.

MOTS has been a participant in the Annual Tribute to Heroes Parade for years. They always take part in the planning and organization of our event.

Each month, MOTS sends between 35 and 50 care packages to troops who are serving our country and have ties to Manatee and/or Sarasota. Some of the items are donated by local businesses, schools and churches, but some items such as the much needed protein items are purchased by MOTS. The shipping cost for a single box to the Middle East is over $15.00.

In addition, MOTS supports the troops and families back home by helping them with cash or gift cards depending upon their needs.

You can help by choosing your gift of support below. Please give generously to those who have given so much to us.

Gift Descriptions

Goodie Box $15 – includes donated candy, books, socks, skull caps, etc and $15 shipping cost.
Protein Box $25 – includes purchased Protein bars, Protein Shakes, Beef Jerkey, high protein snacks, and goodies and $15 shipping)
Adopt a Troop $180 – Goodie box sent to a troop each month for a year.
Support a Troop $300 – Protein Box sent to a troop each month for a year..
Welcome Home Gift $250 – or specific amount a gift of appreciation when they return from their time spent overseas,
Home Front Support $350 or specific amount to help the families of our troops while they server overseas
Citizen Award $1000 – Gift to support MOTS so we can continue to support our troops and their families before, during and after their deployment